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IMASA bets firmly on the renewable energy sector

The sector of renewable energies or alternative energies is a bet for the future. IMASA, strengthens its position through the execution of various renewable projects in Spain.


IMASA, is developing the construction of 2 Biomass Plants of 50 electric power each, both contracted under the EPC modality, which includes the Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection and Commissioning of both facilities. These projects are for the promoters Greenalia (Curtis - A Coruña) and Forestalia (Cubillos del Síl - León) and represent an approximate investment of 110 Million Euros each plant. Likewise, it will also carry out the operation and maintenance of both plants for 15 years.

Greenalia is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) exclusively with renewable technologies. The company has more than 12 years of experience in the sector and is listed on the BME-MaB (Alternative Stock Market) since December 2017 and whose main activity is the generation and sale of electricity, being present in three technologies: wind, solar photovoltaic and finally biomass, where it is vertically integrated from the origin of the raw material to the production of electrical and thermal energy.

The Curtis plant will be the largest in Southern Europe to use eucalyptus waste. The Project has been chosen to be financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) under the Project Finance modality.

Furthermore, Forestalia is a business group dedicated to renewable energies (wind, photovoltaics and biomass). The current Forestalia portfolio of projects is 3.6 GW of renewable energy.

Both biomass projects will have the most innovative technologies in terms of energy efficiency, emissions and sustainability. The electric power produced by each plant will be able to supply light to 50,000 homes.

On the other hand, IMASA will build 5 new photovoltaic solar power plants in Escatrón-Aragón. The plants will have the following powers, four Plants of 50 MWe and a plant of 40 MWe. All of them will suppose a power of 240 MWe of renewable energy for the network. In this way, the largest solar photovoltaic project in Europe will be created.

With all these projects, IMASA will execute various renewable projects under the EPC modality and consolidates its experience and references in renewable energy projects, especially in biomass plants, solar photovoltaic and terrestrial plants.

With the awarding of these contracts, IMASA strengthens its position in Spain, consolidating its position as one of the leading companies in the execution of EPC renewable energy projects.

Electricity generation plant using biomass of 49.9 MW in Teixeiro (La Coruña)

Los Santos I photovoltaic plant (Mexico)