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  1. About us
  2. Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Our company is a future-driven human project. It is a story of small and big challenges, which since our inception has been continually evolving and gaining transformational capacity and responsibility, in the framework of productive activities of the community to which we belong. Our team is encouraged by the echoes of the past, but lives and works with current and future commitments.

In this exciting long-term journey we will continue to honour the same assumptions that have led us to reach national leadership and presence in the most competitive international markets:

  • Focused on creating value for our customers, responding quickly to their requests, developing projects and quality services, providing the necessary technical assistance and complying with the agreed deadlines.
  • Guidance towards the results so that business objectives can be achieved while at the same time reducing costs, optimizing purchases continuous improvement of the processes and the use of both internal and external synergies.
  • Teamwork, fostering the development of personal skills and internal communication.
  • Corporate quality culture, environmental protection, risk prevention, professionalism, ethical conduct and respect for people.
  • Relationships of trust and collaboration with suppliers.
  • Participation and cooperation with the communities where we do business.

For IMASA, it is essential for all its professionals around the world, to understand and adopt the concept of “behaving with unquestionable integrity”. Our management team promotes a deep culture of integrity and ethical behavior, and each employee becomes responsible for observing and preserving it.

The Code of Ethics is a tool to define the appropriate and expected behaviors within the company and helps to define the ways of acting in IMASA, always based on equity, dignity and respect.

If you are an IMASA professional, or if you have relationships with the company that may be affected by our Code of Ethics, we invite you to consult our Code of Ethics frequently (see our Code of Ethics ).