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Leader in the treatment and regeneration of dielectric oils and maintenance and environmental engineering. The main activities are:  RYMOIL

  • Analysis laboratory of dielectric oils, physico-chemical tests, analysis of gases and insulation degradation.
  • "In situ" treatment of transformer oils with the transformer in service, performing the following processes:
    • Vacuum reconditioning processes..
    • Regeneration process and adding oil.
    • Winding drying process.
    • Filling of new transformers and any process related to the transformer fluid.
  • Authorized management of PCBs: decontamination in-situ of oil transformers contaminated with PCBs for reuse.
  • Laboratory of contaminated soils, organic and metal compounds.
  • Studies of soil characterization and risk analysis.
  • Decontamination treatment "in situ" of soils contaminated by organic compounds by means of thermal desorption and THERMOPHILE.
  • Treatment "in situ" of soils contaminated by heavy metals by soil washing process.

We own the 1st plant in Spain for the treatment of transformers and equipment contaminated with PCBs.

Likewise it has a second plant in Europe with sodium metallic technology for the recovery of oils contaminated with PCBs.

We are a prestigious company on an International level carrying out our work in countries such as Germany, Mexico, Uruguay, Portugal, Algeria and Spain.

At present the companies hold:

  • ISO-9001 for quality management.
  • ISO-14001 for environment management.
  • E+5 environmental management.
  • ENAC 602/LE 1229 laboratory accreditation.
  • OHSAS 18001 in transport safety.